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Metro Edge pursues purpose-driven, technology-oriented real estate developments that deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns while also providing unique social impact. Each project we develop includes a customized social impact plan that complements profit-generation for investors with sustainable change for the surrounding communities. Social impact is not secondary to our work—it is central to the way we approach projects and measure our own success. 

Social impact plans are specific to each project and fall under our social impact pillars, which include creating economic opportunity, closing the digital divide and designing with an eye toward environmental impact.

Diverse students

Economic Opportunity

Through inclusive workforce development, Metro Edge works to create jobs in the communities where we operate. In our data center developments, training programs provide hands-on instruction in entry-level tech jobs that will remain in high demand as the industry grows.

Digital Divide

While 80 percent of white adults report having a broadband connection at home, just 71 percent of Black adults and 65 percent of Hispanic adults have broadband, negatively impacting their ability to access quality telemedicine, participate in the largely online job search process, access critical services and information, or provide their children with access to remote learning/homework opportunities. By leveraging best-in-class technology, Metro Edge works to close the digital divide through the innovative deployment of public Wi-Fi.

Environmental Design

Metro Edge is focused on developing buildings that minimize or eliminate environmental impact. We hire architects, engineers and contractors who share the same philosophy and design buildings with a goal to exceed current environmental regulatory standards. We do not shy away from sites that require environmental cleanup and will pursue local, state and federal programs that offer support to build environmentally sustainable projects. 


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