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In 2022, Metro Edge launched the company’s flagship data center, located in the Illinois Medical District campus on Chicago’s West Side. The 5-story, 184,720 square foot facility will serve hospitals, healthcare providers, universities and corporations. 

Data center at night
Data center lobby
Rendering of the community art wall
Rendering of the street-level view
IMD data center building layout

The IMD Data Center addresses two growing needs: organizations need to store and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, and data needs to be located nearby to minimize the distance data must travel, thereby increasing speed, reliability and connectivity. By locating in Chicago, the data center will provide one of the few low-latency options for Chicago-based institutions—specifically hospitals and healthcare providers that must store and process massive amounts of data to stay in regulatory compliance and support the growing demand for patient data collection, analysis and leading-edge medical procedures.

Data Storage with a Mission

Chicago’s West Side has some of the highest rates of joblessness in the city and some of the lowest household incomes. Other gaps persist, such as low rates of college degrees and a stunning 16-year life expectancy gap when compared to those who live just a few miles east in the Loop. 

Where others see challenges, Metro Edge sees opportunity. Not only does the West Side present an opportunity for investment that will help to reverse social inequities, but it also is home to a large population of untapped talent. That’s why the IMD Data Center will feature a customized program with links to the community to train talent on Chicago’s West Side for entry-level, technology-related career opportunities within the data center, helping to create jobs and diversity in the technology industry over time.

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The data center in the IMD will feature:

  • Easy access and proximity to mission-critical equipment for IT staff
  • Increased speed and connectivity for telemedicine, digitizing medical records and high-tech medical devices
  • State-of-the-art cybersecurity delivers HIPAA compliance, malware attack protections and disaster recovery all based on NIST and Tier 3 guidelines
  • Upgraded IT infrastructure at reduced costs with more efficient power, staffing and maintenance systems
  • An innovative social impact plan to benefit residents of the surrounding community

Property Stats

  • Primary location in the IMD at 14th and Damen
  • 5-story, 184,720 SF facility
  • 19.8 megawatts of power
  • 17 fiber optic providers
  • New construction with delivery in early 2024
  • LEED certified, sustainable design
  • Low latency less than 1 mile from IMD hospitals
  • 100% sales tax exemption on IT equipment and software
  • Building includes ten back-up generators, 4,000+ SF of office and 30 parking spaces

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