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Chicago Technology Real Estate and Construction

Metro Edge Development Partners (Metro Edge) is a unique commercial real estate firm focused on high-impact, technology-driven developments. We pursue institutional-quality investment opportunities that deliver exceptional results to our financial and community partners.

In 2022, Metro Edge announced the company’s flagship data center, located on the Illinois Medical District campus. This game-changing development offers Chicago-area organizations a cutting-edge data storage solution with the greatest possible speed, reliability and connectivity.

IMD Data Center Rendering
IMD Data Center Rendering
Our Team

With decades of private equity real estate experience, Metro Edge’s leaders have an eye for investment opportunities that are traditionally overlooked.

“I am very pleased to have helped secure $3.4 million from the State’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan for construction of the first African American-led data center development in Illinois on the West Side of Chicago. The IMD1 development will generate millions of dollars of new tax revenue for Illinois and help black and brown neighborhoods, businesses, and youth.” – Senator Lakesia Collins, D-Chicago

“The West Side of Chicago is an area of opportunity, with an underserved community that can greatly benefit from a major technology investment like IMD1. We are thrilled to be bringing a state-of-the-art data center to the community that will provide such an incredible revenue opportunity to the City of Chicago.”– Vance Kenney, Co-Founder, Metro Edge

By leaning into challenges, we find value that others don’t recognize—and create new value through purpose-driven investments with positive social impact.

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